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Augusta, GA
reply to cymraeg

Re: [Professions] Smithing and Int plate

the real answer is just roll protadin/retadin.

prot if you want to dungeon grind your way from Hellfire Pennisula to Northrend; and retadin if you will quest your way there.

Like i say to all scrubs that qq about "ninja'd" loot off bosses at levels lower than say 82; save it for firelands.

Remember that in BC players were still expected to do content to have great gear/gear for thier role. You couldnt just grind out dailies to craft a pattern. It sucks I know, but that was the state of the game at the time.

How I miss it sometimes.
"Did you think we had forgotten? Do you think we have forgiven?" Here's to the Victory at the Wrathgate.