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reply to bhan261

Re: What's with your mailserver, IP

said by bhan261:

Further edit: Called customer service (was on hold for about 15 minutes). They had changed my password, without telling me, because someone was apparently using the account for spam. The rep was nice enough, but this wasn't a complicated problem.

This has become a common problem. Theft of accounts, whether the password is too easy to guess, or falls to dictionary attacks, or "phish" attacks. With most major U.S. ISPs blocking outbound port 25, having access to a valid email account is important to spammers. And, given their mindset, they'd rather steal accounts than constantly pay for them, only to have them shut down for spamming.

I have received spam apparently sent via compromised email accounts, both through the official AT&T and Comcast customer message submission servers.
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