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Re: [Scam] Card Services relentless phone calls revisited

said by garys_2k:

How did you get the SIT tones into your answering machine? My AM just has a microphone, no audio jack input. Do you hold it near the PC speaker and just hit "play" to acoustically transfer it to the machine?

That's what I had to do, but it worked. Took a few tries though. I positioned the PC speaker next to the answering machine speaker. In the end, it had to be about 8-10 inches away (for mine) else it over-modulated the recording.

I put the 2 wav files in a playlist, SIT tone / "We're sorry.." / SIT tone and hit play.

I also set my machine to a longer pickup time to give me some time to look at the CallerID and then hit the "on" button on the answering machine to take it. It's next to me in my home office.

I've had this setup going for many months now, and all the previous calls I got are gone now (specifically, a collection agency that multiplied over time looking for someone unknown to me that wouldn't let up).

BTW, I found where I originally got all the files from, and it was here: