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How to choose the best voip.ms server?

I am using voip.ms over Rogers from Ottawa. I currently use the Montreal2 server but have some occasional jitter issues. My ping times are fastest to the Chicago server and the Tracert to Chicago has the fewest hops (8 vs 11). From the Montreal server when I call some 800# I get routed to the french IVR service and cannot get out. If I switch to the Chicago server will it be assumed I am calling from the US?
How do you select the right voip.ms server? Ping speed, fewest hops, keep it local?


Dunrobin, ON
I don't think there is a definitive answer. People experiment and find which one works best for them.

The method I used was to look at fewest hops (less hops = less to go wrong) and low (enough) ping time.

I didn't try the US servers as (presumably) these would terminate 800 numbers in the wrong country. (800 numbers can differ between US and Canada). If you look at the forums you will also see complaints because value 800 calls get routed with a 514 (Montreal) charge number, which can result in some calls to Ontario numbers being rejected or answered in the wrong language. This appears to apply whether you use Toronto or Montreal servers.

I'm on Bell/TekSavvy DSL in Ottawa, and all traffic to Montreal gets routed via Toronto - which makes the Toronto server the easy choice for me.

(Note that toronto and toronto2 are currently one and the same).

Don't forget if you switch between servers that you need to switch phone registration and DID Point of Presence to match.

Woodland Hills, CA
said by MZB:

I didn't try the US servers as (presumably) these would terminate 800 numbers in the wrong country.

Regardless of what POP you are connected to, whether it is in Canada or the US, in Account Settings, in the Account Routing tab, you can change "Toll-Free Termination Carrier" option and select either server default, American carrier or Canadian carrier.
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North York, ON

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reply to jeffawa9
I am using Chicago server.

Toronto/Toronto2 server is located in Hamilton (caratnetworks.com) in a Rogers data centre. To get there from Rogers will require routing to the US then back again! I had some problems with overseas calls and even with Toronto local calls.

The following is what I got from VOIP.ms support on which server to use:
When it comes to which server to use. We recommend our Chicago server since is one of our newer ones. It runs also a newer software.