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Re: paid shill for the cable companies??

Dialing area code is part of digital voice,nothing new. fttp voice is 7 digit dialing in your area if it bothers you that much.
You also seem to have chosen the per minute plan,that's why you are being charged per minute.I also have digital voice,but I chose the unlimited plan(flat fee).
Since you never had fios at your house.That would explain why it took so long,if you go back to whatever it is you had and return to fios as long as you don't remove anything the install will go much quicker.
As for slower internet,maybe you did have a faster plan with your old provider,again you can choose a faster plan on fios if you wish,could it be the computer?.
I don't trust the door to door guys,you would've been better calling Verizon themselves.Complain Verizon will take care of your issues,as long as you are within the 30 day time frame you've got nothing to lose.
No per mininute chargers on FDV »
This is a sub-selection from paid shill for the cable companies??