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Pacifica, CA

Bay Area feedback for 4S users

I am looking to buy a 4S and I would of course have to choose a service provider.

I have read about people living outside the bay area saying that ATT sucks. I thought I also saw disparaging remarks for Sprint. I have not heard anything about Verison at all.

I am the kind of person who uses the phone sparingly. I text maybe 5 msgs/day. At work I get maybe 5 calls/day and make about 5 more myself. These are the busy days.

I like the GPS capability of he 4S as a security mechanism. Friends can track and see where I am whenever we meet for beers. I like the talking reminders and question/answer functionality.

I cant see myself being a hard user of the internet capabilities.

I am out of the loop on how the providers are pricing their packages and am confused what this would cost me per month. The apple webpage has things broken out although I am still confused about what they force you to take.

Does anybody here know enough to straighten me out about what would be the best provider and plan to sign up for? Thx.

Aptos, CA
said by ejg1:

I am looking to buy a 4S and I would of course have to choose a service provider.

First, talk to people where you work & live and see how their coverage is (with any device) on AT&T, Sprint, and VZ. I've had AT&T & Sprint, and both have different coverage issues in the bay area.

Next, assume the cost is going to be roughly the same for all three carriers - ballpark $100/mo for some package of minutes/2GB or "unlimited" data/unlimited SMS. They will all vary slightly, but they'll price out to within a few $ of that for a single user plan once all fees and taxes are added.

Check to see if you get a discount from your employer - 15-25% off makes a huge difference.
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