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The Q

Collegeville, PA
reply to Russ6

Re: Official Comcast blog about new SA guide

I thought some comcast SA areas of Florida already had anyroom DVR available to customers?


Houston, TX
said by The Q:

I thought some comcast SA areas of Florida already had anyroom DVR available to customers?


According to Comcast's Ted Hodgins (see underlined section),

We are well underway with full-scale comprehensive employee trials in several markets and anticipate getting these DVR fixes out to many locations over the next two months. Our first markets for this software patch are scheduled to be in CT and MS. As we get closer to getting into customer homes I will update that information here.
Some of the significant customer-impacting items addressed in the upcoming software patch include:

1. Truncated DVR Recordings - Some customers are experiencing DVR recordings that end early or are being significantly cut off

2. Not Authorized message on a HD Channel - Some customers may have seen a Not Authorized overlay occasionally on authorized HD channels that they are in fact authorized to watch.

3. Pass Through available as a HD resolution option via the HD Wizard screen.

We continue to work the above in parallel with guide development and guide deployments of our newer guides for our newer cable boxes; On-Screen Guide 2.0, which is currently available with our AnyRoom DVR service in selected areas of Florida and On-Screen Guide 3.0 which is currently available to customers in Augusta, GA.

Additional information about On Screen Guide 2.0 will be available on Comcast Voices soon.

A peek into information about On-Screen Guide 3.0 is available here: »blog.comcast.com/2011/05/looking···nce.html
and here: »www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia···page=all

Ted Hodgins replied to comment from Ted Hodgins | October 4, 2011 9:40 AM

I don't know why it is taking so long for the Cisco/SA AnyRoom DVR functionality to expand from selected areas of Florida to other locations.

Mr. Wireless

What? no 16:9 guide? that guide still looks 4:3. They made a big misakke on the utube video they forgot to put the black bars on the sides of the guide, cus really, who stretches the guide?
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