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[IA] Wireless router issues

So I recently got mediacom internet because it was supposed to be the faster than the one I currently had. However I have had issues with my wireless connection to my macbook. My desktop pc works just fine and has NO issues with the internet, but my macbook can only load certain pages i.e. google will load and search results will not, youtube will load but videos won't load, facebook won't load, etc etc. I have called and had someone take a look and all they told me is to buy a new router. I did this and purchased a apple airport extreme. The router works fine at my friends house and so does my macbook, but when I try it using my internet I have the same issues. Is there anyway to solve this issue because I am becoming very frustrated with this.


Albany, GA
you where lucky you got any help at all, last i checked home networking setups are not supported by tech support unless you have home networking through mediacom (do they still do that?)

if your connection to the router works just fine from the desktop, but NOT the laptop, your issue is probably with the router, or the laptop, or some setting on either one. if this was a mediacom issue im 99% it would happen on the desktop as well.

your best bet is probably going to be the networking forum »Networking and if that laptop is a mac »All Things Apple


Des Moines, IA
reply to Kfed
Try connecting your macbook directly into the modem with an Ethernet cable and see what happens. Don't forget to reset the modem when you add new hardware to the modem.


Dubuque, IA
reply to Kfed
Also, have you done a scan to see how many other wireless access points are running nearby? You might be having interference problems and need to switch to a different combination of channels for the wireless.


reply to Kfed
wow good luck, you might try a diff dns then mediacoms

reply to thedragonmas
said by thedragonmas:

you where lucky you got any help at all, last i checked home networking setups are not supported by tech support unless you have home networking through Mediacom ...

Mediacom Customer Service has issues

Some of the calls they set up that were assigned to me were can't print email attachments, wireless TV can't stream Netflix (really?), Netflix pic quality is bad (LOL), XBOX360 with restricted NAT, DirecTV 'video on demand' not working (WTF?), one laptop can't connect to the customer owned router etc

At first this was funny but now it's just sad...but that's outsourced tech support I guess.
I speak for myself, not my employer.


Waterloo, IA
reply to Kfed
In all seriousness Anonymous that is why I try not to get too worked up with Customer Service. Remembering that they have to take those kinds of calls all day long every day helps to put a little balance to the conversation. Love the one about the wireless TV not streaming LOL


reply to Kfed
I have read your issue on the wireless connection. If your other computer is running fine off the router then the likelihood is your Mediacom connection is not the issue.

A couple suggestions: I know you said the router/Mac was not having problems at friends house but try this. It is always good to find “good” in troubleshooting prior to going forward. So hardwire your mac right into your router and see if all ok. If so go to the next step. If not, hardwire it into the modem to check it out.

2nd step if above is good. There is a liklihood if you are having a wireless problem, that you need to change channels. Another person suggested looking for other wireless connections in the area and avoid the channels they are on. Even though that is a good idea, what you won’t see is what is really interfering. Without going out and buying a WIFI device that can see the entire spectrum, just take a moment and change each channel from 1 to 14(11 on some router’s). Also remember that WIFI channels overlap somewhat. The center freq is moved over enough but some of the band is overlapping with the adjacent channels. Remember the WIFI spectrum is an unlicensed band. Things like surround systems,microwaves,cordless phones, security camera’s, ect. use the spectrum. I had an issue at a business once and the cause was that there were 3 different security camera’s in the room. They were virtually wiping out most of the spectrum. I found a channel that looked to be clear but didn’t quite have my speeds, so then I moved one more channel up and it works fine.

Let me know if this helps?


reply to Anonymous
wow i guess i never thought about all the things people figure you techs should do or what MC should support lol.