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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..

The parasites will eventually have their day of reckoning!

How many of you reading this post subscribe to AT&T Long Distance as a separate service? I seriously doubt any of you do. I did but no longer do. Eventually the long distance companies had their day of reckoning. How many are there now. One most pleasant calls I made to AT&T Long distance was the day I told them to take their LD service and shove it up their ASS. I transferred my LD service to my local exchange carrier. If you told anyone ten years ago that local telephone service would eventually become obsolete they would laugh in your face. Now not so much. The CATV industry will eventually have their day of reckoning. Some new technology will become available making wired technology irrelevant. The real problem is with the content providers. They like a typical Four Year Old, cannot stop saying Gimme Gimme Gimme. Unless corrupt government lawmakers make changes to copyright laws consumers will continue to be gouged.


The new technology is called fiber all the way to your home and Verizon is wiring every major city they have a franchise agreement with. I already received a latter that my apartment building will be wired soon. TWC is simple an inferior product with 98% of their channels compressed.