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Charlotte, NC
·Time Warner Cable
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Re: Control Infrastructure Updates

They have already been blindsided by streaming video. The telco system was designed for e-mail and static websites. The pipes feeding many of the dslams can not handle more then one or two customers streaming video. They have upgraded many of the dslams in the cities but not those in the smaller towns and those on the edge or rural areas. These are beginning to be replaced with upgraded equipment like Uverse and Fios.
I don't see the big problem at the present time it is a problem for 2 or 5%. The problem is as you move upstream if everybody increases say 10% it does not take long before you are replacing or adding main routers because you have hit 100% capacity. You are not adding anymore revenue but have doubled your equipment cost. If you are adding customers you need to add capacity but if a small percentage of customers are doubling your cost you cut them off.