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Beware u


EarthLink RATES

I switched to EL 1-1-2011 and was billed for 6 months at $29.95 a month... then for July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov they billed and charged me $50 a month (without a breakdown of the charges or service).
I did not become aware of it until this month because I am on auto pay, and did not bother looking at the charges until now.
So yesterday I contacted EL to see what is going on... and was told something like this: it is for me and the Cable Co to sort it out.

I don't remember receiving any document from EL stating what the rates will be after 6 months... but their Promo on their web site said $41.95, after 6 months at $29.95.
Is there anybody having the same problem?
Now,I don't know if switching to EL was a good idea after all!


Dayton, OH
Who is your local cable provider? If it is Comcast , I think they have a different rate schedule. I have TW so my service is normally 41.95@mo.


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I am the Product Manager for Cable for EarthLink and if you would like me to look into the issue further, you can email me at vaughang@corp.earthlink.com. It is true that the billing relationship for EarthLink Cable service is between you and the cable partner, but I can look into your specific situation further if you would like. Please email me your account details and I would be happy to look into the situation for you.


Staten Island, NY
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I moved my Earthlink service from dial-up to TW Cable back in July. The promo is first six months at $29.95/month, after that $41.95/month, billed through TW cable.

On my next TWC bill there was an error in the Earthlink billing. I was being incorrectly charged $45.29/month. I called TWC and by the next bill the charge was corrected, with a credit for the excess amount. The TWC person was very helpful, and based in the USA.

The only problem I have is with the vague arrangement between Earthlink and TWC. After reading some of the posts here I'm wondering what will happen once my 6 month promo period is up. Will a higher rate be sprung on me due to the lack of documentaion regarding Earthlink/TWC rates? Even my 'welcome to high speed' letter from Earthlink made no mention of rates.

Webster, NY
After 6 months with Earthlink, switch back to Roadrunner as a new customer and get their promo rate for a year.
DirecTV is pretty neat.


Quick question regarding jumping to Earthlink from Road Runner. When I joined Road Runner I had that returnable $25 fee for the cable modem. Do you have to return the cable modem every time you change providers?


No, the same modem is used if switching to standard Road Runner and/or Turbo. If a customer switches to RR from Earthlink for wireless service or wideband, a different modem is then required.