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Re: Blame The Broadcasters....

said by mikedz4:

the telecommunications act of 1996 was horrible. They said it would spur competition and in alot of areas where is this competition?
Congress needs to give the FCC the right to regulate cable rates again.

I normally do not stand up for big corporations but working for a satellite company I understand more about how this works. I used to think that cable/satellite companies raised rates just because they thought it would be fun and wanted to make a bit more money.

Regulating cable rates won't do anything but hurt the cable/sat companies. I mean I agree companies shouldn't be able to raise rates at will but what should also be regulated is the rates broadcasters can charge for services. Hell even OTA broadcasters charge outrageous rates for cable/satellite companies to carry their stations. You would figure these broadcasters would allow the companies to carry the stations for free or pay the cable/sat companies. They get more viewers which would mean more advertising dollars. Instead they get in bitter contract disputes over local broadcasts? Its all a big joke and prices are spinning way out of control.