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Re: Received Disconnection Letter

Wow. It seems to me that Sprint has discovered a convenient way to cut off heavy users from their network. Since they advertise their 4G plans as unlimited, it would look bad if they cut off those services on heavy usage alone. So they choose to blame p2p usage, when in fact they simply have a problem with heavy data usage, regardless of how much traffic actually comes from using bittorrent, emule, etc.

Have you considered Clearwire instead? I'm sure they use the same network as Sprint's wimax, so theoretically you should get the same speed. (they too have a pretty bad reputation, though).


Winona, MN
I don't get Sprint, they either give you 5GB/10GB limits, or they give you unlimited. They keep switching back and forth. If Sprint gave a 50GB cap, then that would be perfect.

I have a 50GB plan, I watch a lot of youtube, download updates, and other videos, play online games. I never get close to the 50gb limit.