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Cleveland, OH

Default location using Earhlink?

Hi, I just switched over to Earthlink Cable Internet from TWC Roadrunner about 3 months ago. I also have an Android phone which I access thru wi-fi, and therefore Earthlink when I'm at home. My cell phone is an HTC Sensation 4g thru T-Mobile, but I have a hunch my problem is with Earthlink.

I live in Cleveland, OH, and for the past few weeks, every time I access the weather widget (always on by design seemingly), it gives me temperature and weather for either York, or Jacobus, PA, both which are about 300 miles from me. If I switch off wi-fi, and use the T-Mobile 3G/4G network, it goes back to displaying Cleveland. As soon as the wi-fi goes back on, back to PA, whether 3/4G is enabled or not. About a week ago, I installed a new router, a Cisco instead of a Netgear, so I know it's not the router, and since I get the correct weather info using the T-Mobile network only, it's not T-Mobile, and Earthlink is the only thing left.

It was always correct when I had Roadrunner, and when I first switched to Earthlink, I noticed search and location based apps on my PC were defaulted to Warren, OH, about 60 miles from me. My phone apps were OK until a few weeks ago. I even tried Weatherbug on my phone, and that too thinks I'm in York, PA, as my default location, as well as the built in weather widget. I can add Cleveland, but I always have to go in and change it, and when I again "wake up" my phone, there is York, PA weather showing again.

Any way of changing this location with Earthlink so apps always know I'm in Cleveland? I tried going into my account, and see nothing I can set there, my billing address is in Cleveland. I tried calling Earthlink, and the rep kept telling me they don't do help with phones and I was trying to explain that their default location data was affecting my phone, and sorry, I have a hard time understanding pidgin English to begin with. Thanks in advance.

Raleigh, NC

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Sites on the internet are guessing based on 3rd party geolocation services using your IP address. Earthlink, TWC, T-Mobile, Taco Bell, etc. have no control over this. The best you can do is notify the site of the error -- either their geolocation database is outdated, or the provider's data is incorrect. They are the ones who a) know who's providing their data, and b) are the paying customer of that service. If you contact the geolocation provider yourself, they'll probably ignore you.

Anyway, every weather widget I've used lets me set what region I want to see. Being a cellphone app, maybe it needs permission to use the phone's GPS.

Milledgeville, GA
I 2nd this info.


Cleveland, OH
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Thanks much for the info. I'll have to see where the true location of my IP address is. The default wx app on the phone has no way to set a "preferred" city that I can see. I can add Cleveland, and delete it from the list, will be page 2/2 on that widget after Jacobus, but no way to delete Jacobus, doesn't show up as an option to delete/edit.


Cleveland, OH
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Keene, NH
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Exact reason why I prefer Beautiful Widgets rather than the built-in HTC Sense weather widget, it can be set to use GPS for geolocation rather than IP Address or Cell Tower location.

I have an HTC Evo Shift on Sprint. When attached to wifi and/or a sprint airave, it will show incorrect locations. I have TWC Roadrunner Turbo, and it shows my location as Maine, I'm in NH. If connected via the airave, It'll show NYC.

»market.android.com/details?id=co ··· lwidgets

I know this doesn't entirely fix your issue, but hope it helps.