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New York, NY

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Re: SSD Raid 0 Array 4x60GB Setup Test Run

Actually no, I don't really notice any speed difference. Good point though.

The Kingston SSDNow V series SNV425-S2 64GB and OCZ Agility (v1) are not the fastest SSD models even for their time. However, they are fast enough to let you know that you are on an SSD not a HDD. So basically fast is fast. Its like the difference between 100 fps and 200 fps in a first person shooter, your eyes and brain can't pickup on the extra 100 fps but they are there anyway.

Also, I don't think HD Tune is a very good benchmark for this. Sequential reads / writes are only part of the story. I suspect random reads / writes are more indicative of normal everyday use,...

but then again not really sure. I'm not really into benchmarking and I don't think I am that knowledgeable about this subject.

American V
Flippin, AR
I can see a scenario when that kinda speed is desirable, and advantageous. Perhaps writing programs when extremely large chunks of data are compiled, or when editing large video files, etc.

Now I'm reading about "bonded SATA III, SSD (with RAID interface "on controller"). This looks to be "the next generation" of SSD. One can only imagine what kinda transfer speeds something like this can perform.

I guess the quest, (and need) for speed will never end! This stuff, simply amazes me!!!

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