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Fullerton, CA
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reply to jmn1207

Re: Control Infrastructure Updates

said by jmn1207:

The caps are being implemented to prevent something from coming along that would drastically increase the customer demand for an increase in data usage. Caps are being set at a number that the ISP engineers feel is acceptable to allow for the network to operate efficiently with their current build-out plans.

It is simply a preventative measure that protects the business from being blindsided by some new, must-have service that would otherwise have their customers gobbling up bandwidth at a rate the ISPs promised when sold, but realistically are not prepared to actually provide. With these caps in place, the ISP can update the infrastructure at their own pace, without having to be worried about consumer demand and standard market tactics interfering and forcing competition to take root.

But in the case of AT&T you get 150 GB/month, 250GB if you subscribe to UVERSE IP Video (cable tv). However, your UVERSE usage doesn't count towards your 250GB cap, whereas if you used Netflix, HULU, Boxee or some other IP Video service it does count.

So apparently you can leave 4 tvs on 24x7 on different channels fed by UVERSE and that wouldn't negatively affect AT&T's network, or that's what you would think by the way their caps are designed.

That's the essence of non-Net Neutrality, isn't it?

Ashburn, VA
said by steevo22:

That's the essence of non-Net Neutrality, isn't it?

Absolutely, as far as consumers care.