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reply to Bill Neilson

Re: 4GB

Because you're running apps that aren't made to be run on licensed, cellular bandwidth (Netflix, streaming sports, Slingplayer, etc), and using data in ways that is not as efficient as possible (i.e. high bitrate audio), or in ways that could be replaced by local storage (Google Music, Spotify streaming, large file downloads, etc). Pandora is one of the few streaming apps that is bandwidth responsible, as it uses 32kbps AAC+ when streaming over a cell network, and will work just fine on EDGE or 1xRTT. It also saves battery to be able to use a utilize the cellular radio less when streaming.

If it wasn't the networks would be consistently running close to their theoretical maximum, yet we see places where cell networks completely come to a halt because of high traffic- so yes, congestion is an issue. Maybe LTE isn't right now, but it will get saturated eventually...



and Pandora sounds like crap out of the box compared to other streaming apps.
Its bearable when you enable high quality audio.
3G was meant for data, not specific apps, it's application agnostic.
Unless we're installing apps from third party sources, it's meant for cellular networks, even apples highly controlled market allows for the apps your describing.