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New Smyrna Beach, FL

What is going on at PP??

Whoa! No posts either here or at their forum of anything recent or volume. Tried three times on billing chat and farthest I have gotten is 'Crystal' welcoming me....., once. Then nothing.

Am I missing something or is 'FOX' just not reporting that California was washed away by the Pacific?

Using 5 grandstreams over ATT DSL. Last two weeks all calls regardless of line are cut off at between 31:30 and 33:00 minutes (have logs).

Have split the GS between the DSL (unused except for emerg internet) and regular CABLE/Brighthouse 20/2 tier.

CABLE/BH lines now not cutting off so must be ATT doing something (no surprise).

Anyway, bigger concern of, "Is something going on at PP?" Typically such great service and features for the price points....

Hope we're not seeing a repeat of SUNROCKET.....

Reassure me.
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Re: What is going on at PP??

Rest assured California is still here. I can isolate the issue if you can PM me your account info and the logs. Once I have that information I can isolate what it causing the problem.

Aptos, CA
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My phone power service is working fine. This forum is mostly dead, the PP forums are active, with 5 posts in the last 20 hours.
My place : »www.schettino.us
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