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Re: 4GB

Verizon sells the higher packages because it's a numbers game. If a noticeable percentage of their customers subscribed to the higher packages, they would be in trouble bigtime. I think that the carriers should be required to throttle by default, however, so that people don't end up with unexpected domestic data charges on their bill.

The marketing and engineering departments of the carriers are out of whack, and the engineering departments need to reign in marketing departments who show streaming video and the like over 3G/4G networks. Some of the ads they come up with is appalling, and very ignorant of the limited nature of spectrum on mobile networks. Did they intend for that Netflix app to be used over licensed spectrum, however? You can use it with Wifi with ground-based backhaul. The math on Netflix OTA makes no sense, as you'd end up running over your cap in a few hours. That's why the cap is there: to discourage network abuse. If I were in Verizon's place, however, I wouldn't be putting Netflix on there be default, as people will somehow get the brilliant idea to stream OTA. Why people have the desire to stream OTA in the first place to a tiny little screen is a whole different issue.

Pandora sounds pretty good, even at 32kbps. It's a lot more than "bearable". It also is decent on the battery running at 32kbps. 3G was meant for data, but it can't support large quantities of streaming. That's what unlicensed wifi, and wired connectivity, is for. Those apps are intended to be used over wifi, not over 3G. There's also a reason why they limit the size of app downloads over 3G.