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Deltaville, VA
reply to pnh102

Re: Absolutely

said by pnh102:

That's my other big beef against caps. In every state, any product or service that is sold by unit has to have whatever meter or scales used to measure out the quantities regulated, inspected and verified to be accurate.

The classic example I use is a gas station that would get into a lot of trouble if the gas pumps were not certified to actually be pumping what they say they pumped. I see no reason why caps on broadband should not be subject to the same scrutiny.

There is an interesting point. That is most certainly going to lead to metered billing and taxation by the gub'mit.

You should not have given that secret out in public.
Once we IPv6 enable every device on the Internet we will have toasters, baby monitors, and security cameras joining the bot nets which today are populated only by idiots that can not refrain from clicking, "Yes I would like to see those titties..."