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Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..
reply to zeddlar

Re: Rip-off

Jay, I definitely sympathize with your current situation re: satellite internet access. I was with Wildblue for two years and it worked well until they got greedy: 1) they oversold the beams, 2) cut 25% download limits off all tiers, 3) didn't make a price adjustment, and 4) implemented traffic-shaping that murdered latency times (1100ms).

We jumped to Alltel when it became available and it worked *great* until Verizon Wireless took over. I have to say, Alltel's customer service and value was exceptional, as was their policy of true unlimited bandwidth. We depended on that aircard account until two weeks ago, when DSL *FINALLY* became available. VZW, however, has been very good at not forcing us to terminate our contract. When I had to make a choice last year they were happy to lock us in on the grandfathered plan, so we still have a 3G aircard with no cap. Regular money is regular money, and as much as they tease and tempt with shiny new phones and networks they're not going to cut you off your current service if you decide to re-up.

Our family use on the VZW aircard was about 20Gb a month, but that went down when they refused to deal with a tower issue and our maximum d/l speed was 30-40Kb. Even with the Install From Hell inflicted by Frontier, DSL is sheer heaven compared to what we've put up with.

I'd love an LTE aircard. We'd need our finances to loosen up a bit between now and next fall IF the deal stays available a long time, but mobile broadband has spoiled us rotten during extended trips.

Seriously, I hope a better ISP comes your way soon.