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This is a sub-selection from Union Scum

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Boricua

Re: Union Scum

said by Boricua:

I beg to differ. One prime example, recently Wally World decided to have employees work 30 hours or less to avoid giving them health benefits because the minimum is 32 hours.

Wal-Mart Cuts SomeHealth Care Benefits

What, in one breath you tell us that employers are forcing employees to work more then 40 hours, then in another you complain that employees are being forced to work less then 30. You can't have it both ways.

Getting employees to work less than X number of hours so that they are considered part time, or ineligible for particular benefits isn't anything new. It's gone on for years and has no bearing on whether the company is union or not. They can just as easily have union labor and simply require employees not to work over the X hours. Or just drop coverage all together. Or make it obscenely expensive that it effectively isn't offered.


Springfield, MO

The point is that the unions have contracts which prevent companies from forcing an employee to work too few hours (so as to avoid benefits) or too many overtime hours (so as to completely overwork them).

This is actually a GOOD thing.