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This is a sub-selection from Union Scum

Waxahachie, TX
reply to KrK

Re: Union Scum

Labor laws protect the minimum wage of a worker. Unions help workers get MORE than the minimum wage. Take the union away and that worker's pay is now at risk of dropping.

Rogue Wolf
Mourns the Loss of lilhurricane

Troy, NY

And there's plenty of people out there trying to remove those labor laws (and environmental laws, and any other laws keeping corporations from doing anything they want) for being "anticompetitive". Apparently, they believe the only way we can succeed is to out-China China. Which is great, if you want to work 16-hour shifts in dangerous conditions for $4 a day in a neighborhood clouded in pollution while your kids drink water full of lead... or if you're rich and can move away from all that.

Of course, that would destroy America... but the multinational corps can always find some other, emerging market to exploit. And hey, another nation full of undereducated, desperate people means cheaper labor, better profits and higher stock prices!
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