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Re: Pathetic

You can get a really cheap netbook these days for $200 like the
super-slim Asus Eee PC X101

With almost all jobs only accepting resumes online and more and more day to day business moving to the internet, it's becoming a neccesity and a really good tool to learn and this is for household that have children, I'm assuming that it is intended to help those poor children who are poor due to no fault of their own.

So I think it's perfectly reasonable that a poor person could afford a cheap netbook, or even get one as a gift or have one given to them via a charity and not be able to afford $50 a month for a cable modem but $10 makes it more affordable.

It's just sad that this so called move to help the poor is so pathetic.
It's really easy to sit and judge the poor when your well off.
and just so you know, I'm not the poor, I'm solidly middle class
and not looking for a handout myself. I just think the poor deserve any help we can give those who want to help themselves.