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Re: more heartless

I like the current day definition of poor. I get $4300 a month from Fed and local Govt, Along with another $1600 for my 2 adopted kids. Plus I get reduced lunch for the kids, A free turkey every year for thanks giving, Assistance for my energy during the winter, Lifeline for my cell. Since most of that is givin to me from good ole uncle sam I doesn't count against my taxes. I work 12 to 15 hours a week and will be getting about a $3200 tax refund. I spend the rest of time enjoying my family. So I have no beef with peoples definition of poor.

I don't have comcast currently and will be signing up soon.


Sign me up for $70,000 tax free dollars a year. I could live pretty decent on that for doing nothing. Who's comcast internet are you leaching BTW? haha.


Yermo, CA
reply to RacerX59
$51,600.00 isn't poor, My Sister in law and one of Her two daughters make more than You and their combined income is almost double Yours.