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Yermo, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to thedragonmas

Re: Since when is Broadband important for the "low Income&q

said by thedragonmas:

disabled, SSI, $674.00 internet to keep me from going INSANE, $30 (3Mbps).

I would love to have $10 internet, not gonna happen because I "get to much" they should try it. and yeah yeah internets not a priority other than its my only social interaction and with out it i would probably go nuts...

I do agree however, even on my income i have "never" been late or missed a bill, ever. if it wasn't for that stupid digital transition a few years back i wouldn't have basic cable tv, id have an antenna, but nooo, thanks to that crap id need an outdoor mast mount antenna. oi!

I'm getting off topic, my bad. for those of us that are disabled and cant get out, the internet can sadly turn in to our lives, our only social interactions, while you normal people see it as a play thing for entertainment, some of us (me) see it as our only connection to the outside world.

Yeah, I hear Ya, being isolated is no fun, but It is nice have some peace and quiet sometimes, It would save Me maybe $12.88 a month, maybe, but I have no children either, rats, 1.5M out here would cost Me $32.83 a month, but then so would 3.0M DSL, If the dry loop can still do It that is, I'm in Verizon territory.