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Looking at the bigger picture
reply to FFH

Re: CWA leaders in it for themselves - not about helping members

It is a little strange to reference an essay on a poetry site as a statement about the success or failure of the New Deal. While I will admit that the 'gap was closed' after the war began, the recovery trends were already in effect. Even Wikipedia has a more accurate description of the New Deal's effects. I would be happy to post some links to left leaning takes on it but I doubt you would be open to them.


You also didn't address the question as to why our current level of military spending is not accomplishing the same thing economically.

Do you believe the New Deal took us in the wrong direction?


Sandy, UT

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Although wikipedia isn't generally considered a reliable source I'd point out that the article you quote agrees in principle with the one you are challenging. It's widely recognized that the US didn't leave the depression until the WWII buildup began.

Looking at the bigger picture

For a college level paper Wikipedia is probably not acceptable but for a discussion in dslreports.com it is fine.

If you are talking about when the recovery could be considered complete then yes, I agree that didn't happen until after WW2 started. But if you mean to say that us getting into WW2 is what caused the economic turnaround that got us out of the depression then you would be very wrong. Both of these principals are pointed out by the Wikipedia entry.

If, by Darth's quote: "Because that is what ended the great depression.", he meant the former then I misunderstood the point of his post. In fact, if that's what he meant then his reply was pretty much as pointless as saying "The depression was over when we landed on the moon in 1969" which is also correct but meaningless as far as the discussion goes.

I believe, rather, his intent was to discount any effect of the economic and social policy changes instituted by Roosevelt. I was suggesting that it is time to institute similar changes today and I believe he disagrees.


Springfield, MO
reply to rahvin112

said by rahvin112:

Although wikipedia isn't generally considered a reliable source

If having only one error more per article on average than Encyclopedia Britannica means a source is unreliable, then hell, every source in the world is unreliable, huh?