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West Haverstraw, NY
reply to cablewizzard

Re: Optimum Wifi Ip-addresses

said by cablewizzard:

said by nltech:

Update: Here are the responses I got from support on this.

If you are connected to a 'rogue' , checking your public IP via www.whatsmyip.org would turn up an IP that has whois information showing something OTHER than Optimum WIFI - like OOL-CPE (for dynamic IPs) or something different altogether.

By just visiting the homepage of ARIN.net, at the top of the screen it will show your IP address also. If you click on the IP it will also provide who the address is delegated to.

In this case it was "CSC Holdings", Cablevision. If a Cablevision customer setup a wifi access point and called it optimumwifi, this record would still show Cablevision. The organizational details will show whether it was statically assigned or part of a dynamic IP block.

For BOL it will show Cablevision and will also show the actual customer the record is delegated to unless they requested to keep it private. If the customer requested to keep it private, the Organizational record for CV will show as "Static IP Services".

Can't remember what the detail record shows for their wifi access points but will login later and find out. In this case the ARIN information was correct showing Cablevision but it was the non-public DHCP assignment from a block that threw me.