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The hell was that?
Grove City, PA
reply to FFH5

Re: Worth repeating - corporations don't pay taxes-customers do

That just means that you, and everyone else is left to make up the difference.
This is a company that has Indian tech support for dsl and refuses to deploy faster speeds in areas that are not fios, then they wonder why dsl sales dry up.
Seems to me the average person should have benefited from this by now. Why is my bill not cut in half to represent Uncle Sam's share being cut out? Why are areas they won't deploy any service beyond POTS in not being built because they have a 2-4 year ROI? Why has FIOS builds stopped?
I would think investors would love to have some of those questions answered.

Besides, haven't you been watching Fox news lately? We're in massive debt, but corporate giants not paying taxes is good?
If you're really for lower taxes, demand your elected official cut military spending by 90%. Your taxes will be half what they are now!

You can't make all the people happy all of the time. But it should be common sense to shoot for the majority.