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reply to NoAhBoDy99

Re: Anyone using Unblock-us?

said by Bujanx2:

I just tried to sign up for US Netflix account using my Canadian credit card... no dice... it keeps asking for my ZIP CODE, which I cant provide because i don't have one .. when I enter my canadian postal code associated with my credit card it fails.

Use the numbers from your postal code, and add zeros to make it an American zip code. For example, if your postal code is B3T-2K9, then you can use 329 in combination with zeros, such as 32900, 30290, etc. Keep trying until you find one that works.

said by NoAhBoDy99 :

You can use your Canadian Netflix account on the US site and see the US content. They used to block us but that has since been changed. When you connect to Netflix with a US IP on a Canadian account, it tells you you might see different content.

One of the advantages of using an American Netflix account is that you have access to the intelligent recommendation feature. I don't believe that is available with the Canadian account. It has suggested a lot of good shows that I ended up enjoying, which I wouldn't have otherwise knew about.