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[easy] free TV show listings

In the free TV section on ON demand why would you guys not put all of the shows that station usually plays? For example in the adult swim section there is every show except for family guy, king of the hill, and American dad.... what the hell is that crap?? Put every show on except the most popular ones sound s like a great freaking idea way to go WAVE .... Do you guys need a more capable person in that department?? Cause I wouldn't mind a job .... And no ancient aliens on the history channel section gimme a break .... ...other them that good job

FYI content providers pitch all content to VOD providers. VOD providers (comcast, wave, etc) have no real say over specific content that is provided in the free TV section. That's all on the provider.

reply to adultswimm
udatfoo is correct. It's all about contracts and licensing agreements. Some networks won't pitch content for Video On Demand without certain provisos in a contract or the right dollar amount if the cable company is willing to pay.

For example, NBC and ABC require "trickplay"(FF & RW) to be disabled. This means you have to watch the commercials included with On Demand content. You see this with online services like Hulu and Crackle too.