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Downingtown, PA
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Re: you would think

said by FFH5:

said by cowboyro:

said by ajwees41:

You would think Cablevision would want them everywhere to make money.

Subscriptions from those who *WANT* the channels likely bring more revenue than licensing fees.

That is why they block the channels, because that is true.

The FCC order may still allow Cablevision to keep blocking for quite awhile yet. The order requires the 2 sides to agree on a price. If Cablevision wants to charge more than Verizon or AT&T want to pay, they still don't get the channel. And then the FCC has to get in to price setting mode. And then Cablevision goes to court. And then appeals, etc.

Actually... no. They went through court appeals, and the court found in favor of the FCC. The FCC ordered CV to come to terms with AT&T and Verizon by the end of October - so the contract has already been negotiated. Also, existing FCC rules prevent one provider from charging usery rates against another provider. CV has been down this road before with both AT&T and Verizon and has lost every single time. This last move by CV was an appeal to reverse that decision. The FCC upheld it's original order, but gave CV a little more time to get the feeds in place - they have until 11/25 to provide them.


Toledo, OH

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You do realize that Cablevision can go back to court on this again right? The FCC makes "rules" not laws. The Courts can easily tell the FCC they have no right to set prices nor be in the middle of anything regarding channel contracts, etc. Why do you think they haven't gotten into the middle by now? They're afraid the Courts will slap them a few times. But instead of slapping them to make them crazy; they need to start slapping the FCC with a few fines and pay court fees to those involved.

And if CV doesn't provide those channels by 11/25 what's going to happen? The FCC is going to fine CV? LMAO! Yah that will really stand up. They'll go to court over that one. T and VZ should have thought about this before they got into the TV business. Maybe they should go to the FCC and require them to set contract pricing for all the channels they like to drop or threaten to drop due to they can't get a price they want to pay. Maybe we all should go to the FCC and tell them we want to pay $15 a month for every channel XX provider can offer.


*withdrawn* lol.

Lets see, in retaliation, Verizon buys FOX, and removes it from all Cable company channel lineups.