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White Plains, NY

How to provide end users with T1 lines or fiber lines?

Currently, we are a ISP reseller.

I want to be able to provide T1 lines to our clients.

Similar would be like Covad.

How is this accomplished?



Can you please elaborate a bit more?


White Plains, NY
We want to build our network up.

I am assuming we need to get into COs or carrier hotels like 60 Hudson in NYC and then interconnect in the hotel to the upstream carrier.

As I understand it, an ISP would install a standalone DSL circuit to its client. Then via a PVC it comes back to the ISPs datacenter and out to its blend.

I want to know if we get rack space in either a CO or carrier hotel, would we be able to provide T1s directly to customers and if so, how would it connect directly to us.

Could we essentially eliminate the middle "reseller" man? and deliver circuits ourselves.

As I understand it, Covad uses the copper from Verizon but delivers its own IP.


Lightning Bolt

Auburn Hills, MI
reply to eherr
1st step, become a CLEC.


reply to eherr
eherr shoot me an email my company provides T1 we are the largest CLEC in the country.

New York, NY
reply to eherr
You're going to need some significant capital and a lot of engineering experience. Honestly, if you're data only, T1 service is no longer needed and the expense is not warranted (since you can do FiOS or Cable and get 20x the speed at 1/2 the cost of a 1.5mb T1).

If you're going to value-add a T1 for managed services and/or voice, your CLEC status will need to be e911 compliant, have an ENUM database and a rock solid core network (again, make sure you have a boat load of capital).

You'll also need to get some lawyers on your side to review tariff contracts and peering arrangements to make your network have some sort of good routing to attract customers who actually still want T1s.

the ISP side of what you're doing it going to cost you hundreds of thousands (if not millions) to make 5-10% margins (if you're lucky).... do it right and negotiate a really good reseller contract and you can make 15-18% reselling a carrier who already has made this investment.

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