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Re: Zoom 5341G (4x4) vs Zoom 5341J (8x4)

With respect to your standard HFC network in North America, the RF channels on the copper should start at about 100 mhz and go up to 1000 mhz. With 6 mhz per channel, that gives you about 150 channels within that range to share between Video/TV and Data.

Each 6 mhz channel should give you 42.88 Mbits/s (256 QAM - DS)... Period. This will be at the hardware level. Once you get into real world use, you have overhead from other various sources.

There is a difference between a device being connected and a device actively Transmitting/Receiving. A connected device will not be using any of the available bandwidth. When it desires to eventually communicate, it is then assigned a time to transmit.

If three devices are actively receiving data on 1 shared 6 mhz 42.88 Mbit/s channel, they should, in theory, each receive their respective data at 1/3 of the total 42.88 Mbit/s rate or at a maximum of 14.29 Mbits/s each.

This sharing of bandwidth (or more precisely - Time) is known as a Channel Access Method. CDMA, TDMA, FDMA... Etc.