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Toronto, ON
reply to RayA

Re: Teksavvy cable;works great until it doesn't.

I have had no issues with Rogers network in my 21 years using them for TV cable. I am more than satisfied with their telephone service since going with them. I did so because Bell interrupted my service for days and did not credit me as promised. In the same vein after my three months of ineffective tech support at the beginning of my Teksavvy cable experience,I was promised two months free internet by Mr. Phil Rogers.I copy and paste"From the dates I’m seeing here, it looks like your service has been effected since Jan 20th, which works out to about 6 weeks. Although it shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever to tack on an extra couple of weeks as a Thank you for your understanding and patience with us in trying to get this resolved for you." In reviewing my bank statements between March and now,I realize I was not billed for March but billed 73.41 for April. My usual monthly bill is 41.75 including tax.
You are correct in assuming if things go bad with Rogers I will complain . It is my right and duty as a consumer to do so.
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