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CableOne problems in Idaho

As of sometime around 8am this morning, I have been able to get to some websites, but not all, and inconsistently at that.
As far as I can tell from hosts that I can access, there seems to be a problem between these two hosts: ( (

When the packets get passed between them things work, otherwise I just get timeouts.

I've also been on hold with CableOne for 68 minutes and counting.

The first time I called the machine said sorry we cannot talk to you at this time. Then hung up.

Last week I went to pay my bill over the phone because I wanted to pay it and I was in a rush and my laptop was off. They said its now 10 dollars to pay your bill over the phone.

Today I had 11 servers go down in LA... that i am the remote admin of. I had to drive into work across town with my son, to work on these servers.

I am officially done with cableone. I ordered DSL from Centurylink off of my tethered cell phone connection that, unlike cable one is reliable. Hopefully they are better and treat their customers better. I have about 10 friends also leaving cableone after today's full outage. This is about the 10th outage on a weekend this year, which with me being on call is when I need them most. I have been their customer since Day 1 in Boise where I was previously with AT&T that they took the place of. It has been downhill since.

No failover no spare equipment. I would be fired if I was this poor at my job. Also charging your customers to PAY THEIR BILL? haha what a joke. '

A new CEO or CFO needs to be hired yesterday and hopefully save this company. Or some better managed company needs to replace them. They are pathetic at best currently. I feel bad I recommended them to friends and family in the past. That will not happen again.


Nampa, ID
Until about last year I would only have my connection to cableone drop about once a year. Now it is about once a week and normally waits till I am downloading something or playing a game.

Around the time they were upgrading everything I was getting 500ms pings and I called support and they said "It is your router." I told them if I ping my router or my cable modem ( ) it was only a few ms not 500ms. And I've had that modem for over 5 years without a SINGLE problem.

Now this 50mb/s plan with a extremely low 50GB cap.

I would love to switch but CL only has 1.5mb/s in my area.


Also I can connect to my Amazon EC2 server and I'm proxying my web connection to it. I'm getting pretty good speeds too! » ··· 4977.png

Like t0ny4, up until this year CableOne was always rock solid for me. The only time it would go down is during their scheduled maintenance times, which honestly wasn't very often.

This summer as they rolled out their 50 Mbps to the area I had plenty of intermittent packets being dropped for a month or two. They got that sorted out and we had a few good months again.

Then this morning happened. CenturyLink/Qwest only offers 1.5 to my house as well. Maybe I'll have to go fire up an EC2 server. Had one a while ago.

EDIT: As I was typing this, I can seem to access servers that were previously unavailable. Wonder if they have it fixed now.


Nampa, ID
Tyler, my connection is working too at the moment. Also I could only connect to one of my servers ( 50.18.x.x ) but not the other one ( 184.72.x.x ). Even though they are in the same datacenter.

The only good thing that changed since the upgrade is I get a LOT less latency. Before with games I NEVER saw anything below 150ms. Now I normally get 35-60ms.

Inside your computer
Corpus Christi, TX
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There was an issue with level3 not too long ago where a software bug caused TWC customers all across the country to loose connectivity as well as some hosting providers. Maybe that is it maybe its not. Also today on my ISP I was having some connectivity issues this morning as well but they seem to be solved right now.

» ··· failure/


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I have had no service all day (Sunday)...can't get through on the phone. I would not recommend this company to anyone. They are sooooo expensive and their service doesn't exist. go with direct tv or any other company. I was on hold for over an hour and never got through. Then called back and went through a lengthly directory only to get a busy signal. Emailed and was advised back to the same site I sent my email from. Really - done with Cable One


reply to CptGemini
Still having issues, even at 6:53pm MST on 11/13/2011.

I am in the same boat as you guys. 1.5 is all Qwest offers, so it is abysmal speeds, or occasional 24-48hour outages w/CableOne.

Yes, when it was working earlier it only lasted for about a half an hour. It's intermittent now, sometimes not even working at all (worse than before).

I did finally get through to support on the phone after 2 hours and 6 minutes. The support guy said he was getting inundated with calls, but he couldn't give me any ETA on when it was going to be fixed, or what the problem was. I also asked if there was a webpage that had a system status or something (there isn't). Overall, mostly it was a bunch of him not having any information.

Another interesting data point. I have a friend just a few neighborhoods who is still on the standard 5 Mbps plan, while I'm on the 50 Mbps plan. She is having no issues. Unfortunately, she just barely got home, so no idea if hers was working all day or not.

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Ive had same problem on and off, ALL day, its very frustating, and my phone also has been wierd, if i get, or make. a long distance call, i can either, not hear them, or they not hear me. its VERY frustating. now 7:47 PM mountain time.

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EDIT: She is now having problems, so you can ignore my last post.

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I am on 5 mbit. I guarantee she is having issues too : )

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anyone know if theres a ETA? ive tried calling them a few times... but yea a hour long + hold then they cant hear me = im pissed at them =/


Rio Rancho, NM
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The issue is not isolated to Idaho. I am in New Mexico and I'm experiencing the same issue. I can access certain sites, but most just load endlessly or time out. I noticed in another thread that roadrunner customers are experiencing the same issues....

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same problem for me, also in Idaho. I finally hung up after being on hold for 20 minutes. Tried again later to be told, we're having problems and trying to resolve. I explained having to borrow someone's cell phone to call, having a son out of state traveling, my husband works out of town and could not reach me and a daughter who couldn't do her college homework. I received apologies but was advised she had 107 calls on hold and there was nothing she could do for me. I switched to Cable One in March and have to call at least once a month due to no phone or internet. The customer service is always polite but I need service I can depend on.

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5mgbt out for most of the day now, posting with phone is incredibly faster currently.

reply to tyler
No problems here today in Joplin, MO... but I agree Cableone's net reliability has not been good since I switched to 50 meg service last summer. Lots of internet / phone downtime along with modem resets. You call and supports says either a piece of equipment failed or they're doing maintenance. I had 3 and 5 meg service for 8 years and rarely saw downtime other than routine maintenance. When everything works... it works great. I just wished everything worked all the time.

I have elderly parents at home and they need a reliable phone connection especially to get hold of me at work or 911. Heaven forbid if they need to call 911 and the network is down. It took a lot for me to convince them that VOIP would be just as stable and reliable as AT&T phone. What a fool I was.


Idaho Falls, ID
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Does anybody know the reason they were down? I saw a Twitter post from Cableone today, but it's cut off:

Yesterday, ID experienced a vendor equipment failure. Our normal back-up did not to respond. In the process of a deep investigation on...


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Has anyone been able to negotaite a credit on their bill? They offerred me one day's credit, but this is minor compared with the inconvenience.

Can anyone share their success in negotiating a credit?


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Yup it was one wonky sunday... Im hoping this is them making the network better for that I could suffer some lost internet. Frustrating as it is our choices are slim and Id rather have fast internet then suffer with 3 megs down with qwest(centurylink).
I was on hold for 2 hours and 24 minutes that day but gave up waiting. I was just curious what kind of excuse they had to offer other then the we are having 'difficulties'

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Was bad Sunday here in Rio Rancho. Seems to be OK now.