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Re: But LTE is freakishly fast....

For most tasks 3g is sufficient, assuming your not in a market that has a congested 3G network, but if you want to do things like video streaming 4G is very helpful and it does speed up a lot of normal things that you'd do on 3G, streaming music starts faster, web pages load faster. Do you need 30mbit/s on a phone?, no probably not.
But 5 -12 which is what Verizon promotes is very useful instead of 1 - 1.5 in Verizon 3G.

Truth is with more and more smartphones 3G networks are really strained, and slowing down so the carriers need 4G for capacity as 4G is much more spectral efficent , if they stuck with 3G you wouldn't continue to get even 1mbps with the rate of smartphone adoption and the user benefits from the additional speed as well.