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pissed off

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Re: Skyway USA current problem 11/15/11

I canceled my service months ago and Skyway keeps billing me!
Skyway sucks!


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We rejoined with Skywayusa last june/11, we previously after 1 year of not being with them went back. The first year we had no problems,but this year the signal was intermittent never green, after numerous calls to tech he quit answering ours, then signal was lost, more calls to Skyway resulted in out landish waiting or disconnects then i reported to BBB, stopped my automatic payment, i'm not paying 50$ a month for dial up. Now i see they are in chapter 11 bankruptcy, we got a new modem which didn't' help, after sending our older one back to them at our cost and we signed up one year.
We live in Missouri there is no fitting internet in rural areas where we live and dial up on ancient phone lines is poor..Judging from the bad reports Hughes net is getting I'm not sure if I want it. What to do?


Marble Hill, MO
Well, there is also WildBlue Satellite Internet, they have their own forum and one on this site. Also if you can get a cell signal from either Verizon or Sprint, Millenicom has a couple nice packages and they also have a forum on this site. As to what internet I use, I'm still on a wanna-be 56k dialup internet connection.

Satellite internet has never been a highly satisfying experience. When you look at the reviews here, Starband has a 58% approval, WildBlue has 55%, and Hughes has 52%. They vary up and down, but almost always stay in the 50s.

Still, the future of satellite may be a bit better. WildBlue will have the ViaSat1 satellite in use shortly, and Hughes will have its Jupiter during 2012. Probably in anticipation of ViaSat1 Hughes has been increasing both allowed speeds and bandwidth caps. Note that I said "allowed speeds" meaning the possible speed during non-congested hours.
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My mother called SkyWay yesterday, and they refunded November's payment and closed the account. I asked were they nice about, she said yes. The CSR did express being disgruntled with everyone calling regarding refunds and service issues..

We decided to go with Starband and signed up today. I have a couple of concerns, but I will have to risk it. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

Has anyone found any good use for their old dish?... christmas ornament, candy bowl, punch bowl, lifesize frisbee?!?!?


Do we have to return the dish and the modem? I'm afraid they will try charging for the equipment.


I believe we bought the equipment outright.


Richmond, KY
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has anyone any new updates on Skyway? What are we to do with equipment? Is there any chance we can use equipment on another provider and if so is anyone else going to do it?

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
said by bradley1992:

What are we to do with equipment? Is there any chance we can use equipment on another provider and if so is anyone else going to do it?

Bird bath or target practice. Skyway used such cheap crap that no provider with any decency would offer service through it. Believe it or not, Skyway actually thought it was a valid selling point to brag that it only cost $10 to replace a bad LNB.

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