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reply to Joe12345678

Re: DCX3400 box for sale on craigslist

said by Joe12345678:

Now that maybe a other test case rent a cable box don't return it pay the fee and then say I own the box and it has a cable card slot so under FCC LAW YOU MUST TRUN IT ON / GIVE ME A WORKING CABLE CARD.

What does the FCC say about the software on the box or the software needed to operate on the cable system?

Wonder how billing for licensing of iGuide, VOD client software, and other client software running on the box works if a customer is just paying for CableCARD rental... It isn't free and the cable company certainly gets billed for it, I'm sure on a "per client" basis. So just because it may automatically get pushed out (against some customers wishes) to all boxes, doesn't mean it's automatically legal for non-company owned boxes to run it.

A box with no software or guide data is useless.
If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.