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Re: Unknown computers on local network - cable isp problem?

There are a lot of unknowns in the network configuration, so this is a guess.

It could be that your ISP's router has wireless enabled and you're connecting to it rather than your Belkin.

The first thing I'd do is ensure that you are connecting to your Belkin router and not the ISP's wireless. If you are, see if you can disable the ISP's wireless radio to avoid others piggybacking the connection. It's also possible that you can see other customers on the ISP's network if you're connected directly to their router and not your Belkin.

I don't know about Win7, but suspect that it has a default workgroup name, and the other PCs you see had the same default. In that case, you'd see them, but the Win7 firewall settings would prevent connection to them.

Also, I'd call the ISP to get any remaining questions answered;

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Hi, thanks for the replies. Here are some answers, extra info that might help us figure this out.

- The ISP's modem does not have wireless capabilities

- I am seeing these 'unknown' computers even on a desktop computer that is directly connected to the Belkin router via ethernet (and has no wireless capabilities)

- My home workgroup has a unique name

- If I disconnect my LAN from the cable modem, I am still seeing these computers. I do not think this tells us much as I am not leaving it disconnected very long so it may just be that they are not falling from whatever cache might be holding them.

- I've done an ipconfig /flushdns


One more bit info I forgot to add...

If I change my home network ip address range - from 192.168.1.X to 192.168.2.X or something else - they still appear.

Mclean, VA
It means they're directly connected to your network then, rather than over the internet. Do you live in an aparement or a house? How many devices are connected to your netowork?