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Newtown, PA
reply to rcilink

Re: DCX3400 box for sale on craigslist

said by rcilink:

Not only to 'sell' you access to TV channels, but also to make money on the equipment that allows conditional access.

Don't know how many of you are old enough to remember, but pre-1970-ish, this was the model for home telephone service. You couldn't purchase your own phone. You had to RENT a telephone from Ma Bell for a monthly fee. No option. Take it or leave it. If they caught you using non-Ma Bell equipment, and even in those primitive days, they had their ways, they could terminate your service. And there was no other service as an alternative.

The phone was hard wired to a jack and if you wanted the ability to move it from room to room, you had to rent a special phone with a special plug and have a plugable jack installed and pay a monthly fee for all that (there were no cordless or cell phones, boys & girsl)! If you wanted two phones, you had to rent two phones AND pay an additional fee for an extension! Sound familiar?

The phone company had all kinds of technical reasons why they didn't want customers to use their own equipment, but of course the real reason was most likely that the rental model was a good source of revenue for the business.

As soon as real competition came into the telephone marketplace, and people left the legacy phone companies to save money or for better service or better options, all that nonsense ended.

The key to getting Comcast to change is not to talk about laws and court cases and fairness. There ARE alternatives these days. Stop sending them your money, let them know why you have stopped, and when there is a negative impact on profits, things will change.