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Stanhope, NJ

So terrible I say we protest

I'm kind of scared.

I haven't ordered yet but I have done extensive research and this is it for broadband at my house. I'm out of range of Opelika's DSL-enabled CO.

I called today and they said that not only do I need to subscribe to their 72-channel television service in order to get internet service, but I also have to own a television.

I haven't owned a television in 8 years.

$69.99 for 6 mbps service. Terrible.

It seems I am plagued by craptastic internet service providers everywhere I go.

I've already filed a complaint through the FCC. Perhaps the FCC is over the heads of the government officials that Mr. Greene has ties with. I urge others to do this as well. What they are doing is extortion and downright illegal. The power of peaceful protest aimed in the right direction can work wonders. This worked for me when I lived in NJ with a similar situation.