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Glendale, AZ
reply to ADKTech

Re: Unknown computers on local network - cable isp problem?

said by ADKTech:

I can not access them, I get a 'not found' error... and I can not ping them.

I'm not convinced that unplugging the cable modem gave us any useful information. The 'rogue' computers persisted through it, but I don't think I gave it enough time for them to drop from whatever cache makes them show up in that network window.

What exactly is responsible for populating that network list? DNS? ARP? NetBIOS?

Anyway, regarding a key logger, I ran safe mode Malwarebyte scans on all windows machines and they came back clean.

Just to make this case even more confuzzling... here is another bit of information for you: I live in the Mountains, in a log cabin. My nearest neighbor is not very near. In order for someone to jump on my wireless they would, more or less, need to be sitting in my driveway... or in a tent out in the woods. And for them to direct connect into my LAN they would need to be living in my crawlspace.

This is why I don't think it is a direct connection to my LAN. It could, I suppose, be remote network malware that malwarebytes didn't pick up.

But I can't shake the feeling that these are either "ghost" entries, cached over from when one of the laptops was on another network...


I am picking up computers from other customers of the cable company... maybe another house that is on the same segment?

I can't be sure, but now that I am racking my brain, I think this might have started when I recently swapped in this Belkin router. Maybe it handles NAT differently than my old router, and that is causing this? Next time I am home I can try switching them again to see what happens.

All is very ok. Calm down. Now have you had any help in the past? If so go back soon. If not there are many nice places that can help. Tell us in the area you live and we can find references.


said by nonymous:

Calm down

Haha, am I coming off as panicked? I do not mean to. Curiosity is my motivation here.