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Re: Unlimited

There is only so much spectrum. Then those residents need to get together and do something about it, whether building a WiSP, or going to the local government to get cable through franchising agreements, etc.

The local governments need to be smart, when granting the franchises. Heck, there are two islands in New Hampshire that are inhabited for a few months a year that are getting a cable system, complete with submarine fiber to feed it, because the towns were smart and said that if 10 customers per cable mile want any cable service for a year, the cable provider is required to build or they can kiss their lucrative franchise bye bye. Result: one island got cable, complete with a fiber crossing that was surveyed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and several miles of cable. The other one will soon if there are 10 customers to sign up. In CT, AFAIK, if a cable provider wants a franchise agreement, they either get 100% of a town or 0% of a town, there is no half-assing it and not building out to everyone. I'm pretty sure we have 100% cable availability across the state.