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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ

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Re: Horse hockey!

I own three generations of digital TVs, two CECBs and several PC tuners. The newer tuners are definitely better. 5th and 6th gen address one of the biggest problems - multipath. You should know that multipath is a far bigger problem than signal strength ever is, especially in urban environments.

Signal strength is not as big an issue.

My biggest problem with white space devices is who gets to decide what a white space is. I have a death ray (16 bay bowtie + 10element VHF yagi) plus a super low noise LNA (PHEMT) just to get the big four in my DMA. On the ground there is hardly any signal to work with, so I will get clobbered by local white space devices because for all intents and purposes there are Lots of white spaces here.

Yes I have cable but after Irene and the freak october snow storm I had no TV except OTA broadcast. Cable goes out 30 mins after power goes out.