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reply to bubba555

Re: [HD] New HD channels in Union County NJ

So I call Comcast and there response is nothing planned for Comcast NW New Jersey. Thanks COMCRAP! Nice how everyone in NJ is getting more channels and I get a flyer in the mail from Comcast asking me if I want Comcast Home Security System.

J Jefferson3

First of all, bubba555, when we do upgrades we usually do not tell anyone until they are all ready finished because in case there are delays or something bad happens, then the call centers get even more calls and they can barely handle the one there getting now, but you are getting closer, but i could not confirm it because there was a chance after the SA systems got done that the Union Motorola area cluster was Next but after all those storms A Lot of the crews were getting delayed, surprising they kept the NJ schedules in tact, but that is because Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut all got pushed back at least 2 weeks to do it!!!
So once Union, Then Meadowland and then the rest of that Cluster!!! In fact Northwest New Jersey at least was scheduled to have the Limited Basic Removed on December 8, 2011 , then wait 4 to 6 weeks with it being the first system to get NEWER HD in 2012, reminding you that were not getting done the Freedom Region until March 2012, so some of you are still are halving to wait awhile!!!

Also thanks go to JCO65 and the rest of the regulars here that we were able to put pressure on the headquarters to make new charts for everyone, remember these people work for the boss (Roberts) so even i by myself really can not tell them what to do, if they say No then that is it, since technically he is even My boss, i still want my Job too!!!!

To dyhrdmet, They actually made the links available today but only send the emails to the people on the PA side, i will post the links here, but they will not do them too early either!!!!!





those are listed recent to first, by the way i noticed they pushed up your increase for part of NJ from February this year to January next year for 2012, i guess now you know were that money is going ha! ha! ha!!! (This is also the reason that in your area BBC America is still on Preferred, you have to be on your 2012 Rate Increase for it to go onto Starter about 30 to 60 days later, Fortunately my area all ready had it increased so i am good to go for my area)!!!!!

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
hey Jefferson when will Comcast start rolling out 1Ghz from the plants?

C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
reply to J Jefferson3
Looks like I'll be waiting awhile to switch back from FIOS in Delaware. Won't do it until this 1st new batch is added (Fox Soccer)
"ONE team - ONE city - ONE dream!!"


reply to J Jefferson3
Thanks Jeff...I hope you are correct but i wont hold my breath!