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Re: [Network] speed drop: 3mbps to 0.3mbps most evenings= most e

Well the from the latest test you posted while the down is pretty good, the up is slightly low. The webpage loading issue could be a few things like the connection is being throttled by equipment(aka tcp/ip forced idle), which happens when the data is moving faster than the equipment can handle, or they have a high buffering st on the connection, or there could be packet loss. On my coneection it does the same issue when its working halfway well due to packet loss, and my connection has a buffering time of 1684 ms of buffering. Only time I usually see my connection with the TCP/IP force idle is usually after 12PM until early morning.


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maybe i haven't been paying too close of attention, but i was thinking things were improving. maybe not?
here is "speed test" from approx 8 PM (CST/local time) on TUES Feb 19, 2013 in southern Montgomery Co.

what's that? approx. 1/20th the subscription / purchased 3mbsp DSL package?



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i got this slick Windstream brochure in the mail-- "in your area you can now upgrade your DSL high speed internet connection"...

I have a 3mbps subscription...
here is the "performance" at approx 9 PM CDT on Tuesday Mar.19, 2013 in rural south west Arkansas (Montgomery Co.)

what's that? less than 1/10th purchased subscription rate? I wonder how that new "HSIC" would perform?


Sheridan, AR

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Wonder no more PabloAR

Grant County, Sheridan, AR Thursday March 21 5:17pm

10% of my 12mbps hsic

From 6:30pm - about 12:30 am that number will drop to some where between .07 and .25

Windstream does not prioritize bandwidth so people paying for 12 and people paying for 3 will have the same speeds when there isn't enough to go around. Only from 2am until 8 am will you notice a difference and actually have the full speeds you pay for.


Dawsonville, GA
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You two guys and Maar should ban together. I'll see if my contact can get you some contacts in AR.