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Hosted Backup Services?

I am looking for a "true" backup service. Our host offers packages dedicated to just this type of thing, but to me for what you get, it seems expensive. If it really is the going rate though I will suck it up and deal with it...but maybe you guys have seen similar offerings elsewhere?

For reference, this is what I am looking at now with RapidVPS: »rapidvps.com/index.php?page=Host···up.Specs

Would the fact that our servers are already on their network steer you away from using them to backup as well? The old saying "dont put all of your eggs in one basket" may apply I suppose.

EDIT-- For clarity, I would want this all automated using something like rsync.
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Port Coquitlam, BC
I used bqbackup for a couple of years and have to say I have no complaints.

I had a few issues with slow speeds (server to server) and Tim (I think it is Tim?) Fixed it up in no time.

they use large Raid 6 arrays and give you a shell account and you can use FTP, Rsync, SCP etc.

It is no frills, very basic website and portal but it is less expensive and it does work.


Tucson, AZ
reply to swintec
Instead of paying a remote company to host my backups at a cost of hundreds to thousands of dollars per year, for small-business customers where this cost is significant I'm moving to using a pair of NAS devices with one hosted at a company officer's home on their broadband connection and one onsite for rapid backup and local availability.

I plan to roll my own using a pair of inexpensive HP servers I picked up from Woot.com, but for clients I usually recommend something like the Netgear ReadyNAS devices. They have a "how to" on syncing two ReadyNAS devices using Rsync over an SSH tunnel here:
Setting up Rsync over SSH : NETGEAR ReadyNAS Community
Rsync over SSH is a supported backup method on our ReadyNAS x86
Business Class products (Pro,NVX,2100,3100,3200,4200). This allows
administrators to synchronize their ReadyNAS to a remote
server or other supported ReadyNAS devices over the Internet,
with encryption and compression.
Netgear has a PDF technote here:
Rsync over SSH
Angus S-F
GeoApps, Tucson, Arizona, USA