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Cupertino, CA

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Routing doesn't work on LAN of 3800HGV

Hi, I'm an AT&T u-verse dsl user, and I have the 3800HGV modem.

I found that the wireless LAN side doesn't provide any routing function.
For example, I can't do SSH from one machine to another on the LAN side. Both machine are connected to 3800HGV via wireless. What I got is "ssh: connect to host xx.xx.xx.xx port 22: Operation timed out"
Also, I can't visit a Windows shared folder on another machine.

Ping works though. And I can establish a vpn connection to my company, and SSH into my company's servers.

Any idea what's going on here?

Lisle, IL
Are either of the laptops set up as the DMZ+?

You could try setting up a 3rd party router behind the 2Wire to handle your LAN - that way if the 2Wire is the source of the issue, you effectively take it out of the equation (for LAN functions)


Cupertino, CA
I don't think I setup any of my laptops as DMZ+. You mean from 2Wire's setting?

Anyway, I know that adding a 2nd router is the solution. I've been doing that for the past 2 years. Unfortunately my router died recently and I want to use 2Wire's built-in wireless router.


Roswell, GA
reply to ddwalker
The Ethernet ports on the RG are just a switch and the WLAN part is a mac-layer bridge, common with the ethernet switch.

Two wireless clients, from a networking standpoint, are no different than two clients plugged into two ports on an ethernet switch. It does not do any routing, it does not need to, it's all the same subnet.

You mention 'vpn to your company'...what VPN solution? Many VPN clients disallow local LAN communication over the same interface when the VPN is connected (split tunnelling) for security reasons.

As long as you are not connected to your work VPN, you should be able to SSH to/from machines, as long as their IP addresses are correct.