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Reading, PA
reply to rideboarder

Re: Weird noise on American Music Awards

said by rideboarder:

heck, the video quality of the AMA's on comcast was completely HORRIBLE! I can't believe how compressed the image was, every single performance had horrible pixelation/noise...I almost thought about downloading it online from a better source. Very disappointing.

I'm starting to notice the same what you described on more and more channels and more and more shows.. it's pretty bad when watching a show on NBC or CBS High def and the quality is no better / no different than the same show on the standard def channel.. seeing not the cut-out pixellation but the fuzzy blocking common to compression - not just on fast action or the background as seen when HD was first rolled out, now it's everything, even a person sitting down and talking..

It seems to happen when it gets toward prime time, and depending on the time, also shows up with on-demand - is the quality of HD is poor in the late afternoon / evening but the same show watched on-demand HD at say 4 or 5am is sharp and crystal clear..

Could it be adding they are extra compression during prime-time when the demand for popular HD shows real-time and on demand is much higher than early to mid mornings so they can push out more streams to more viewers?

For example the final NASCAR race this past Sunday on ESPN.. When the race started all was crisp, sharp, and clear. But due to the rain delays the race went on to a much later time towards the evening, by the last 15-20 laps the HD stream had become so fuzzy/blurred and blocky I had to switch over to the standard def channel (same TV and box) to get a clearer display to finish out watching the race .

Schaumburg, IL

OnDemand would have no effect on quality as they use their own sets of 'hidden' channels.

The only way to truly compare is to check it against getting the same signal from an antenna (at least for broadcast channels.) It could be an issue with the local station or the network feed. Satellite space is expensive, and they could be reducing bandwidth on some channels to make room for more. High-demand stuff like football would most likely get the highest priority.